HTC has teamed up with Dropbox to give smartphone users yet another reason to choose one of its Android devices. In addition to that magnificent Sense UI and the recently introduced Beats audio technology, HTC is now giving users 5GB of Dropbox storage absolutely free when they use an Android-powered HTC smartphone.

The company’s Android devices will now come with the Dropbox application pre-installed, allowing users to upload documents, images, music, and videos to the cloud, which they can then access via the Dropbox website or a special folder on their PC. This means it’ll be easier than ever to transfer data to and from your HTC device, and you won’t even have to hook it up to your computer via USB.

HTC confirmed the move in a message via its Twitter feed, however, it’s currently unclear which users the deal will apply to. Initially, it was believed that only new customers who bagged a handset with HTC Sense 3.5 would be entitled to the 5GB of free Dropbox storage, however, the company’s tweet suggests that all Android devices will be included:

“We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with @Dropbox, bringing 5GB of storage to all of our Android phones.”

That means, then, that either an update to HTC Sense 3.5 is coming for all HTC devices running Android, or the Dropbox offer is just open to all HTC customers — new and old.

Its partnership with Dropbox will allow HTC to compete with those cloud services currently offered by a number of its rivals, such as the iCloud service recently introduced by Apple, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive, which is available to Windows Phone users.

Are you pleased with 5GB of free Dropbox storage on your HTC device?

[via Pocket-lint]