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Rumor has it HTC is working closely with Google to develop the next Nexus tablet, codenamed Volantis/Flounder and officially called either the Nexus 8 or Nexus 9. Now, a new report from Evleaks suggests the company is developing two more tablets at the same time.

The new devices are simply referred to as the T7 and T12, so it's tough to say anything about the alleged tablets with any certainty. We assume both will run Android, likely with some version of HTC's Sense UI on top, though it's possible HTC could be developing a Windows tablet as well. We're also guessing the T7 will be a smaller slate with a 7-inch display while the T12 could be a larger 12-inch model. Though again, that's just speculation.

HTC hasn't released a new tablet for years, but it looks like the company could jump back into that market with a Nexus device later this year and a few new tablets of its own as well. For now, it sounds like these devices are still in early development. There's no guarantee either the T7 or T12 will ever see the light of day, though hopefully we'll learn more about the rumored slates in the near future.