Qualcomm Toq - Real World Use - Hands On - CES 2014 - 012

HTC has already promised that it will sell a piece of wearable technology by the end of this year, but we don't yet know what kind of wearable it plans to introduce. The category spans everything from fitness bands to super advanced smartwatches right now, and HTC's device could fall anywhere in that realm.

However, a new report from Bloomberg says that the company will be showing an early prototype of its smartwatch to carriers next week in secret meetings at the Mobile World Congress trade show. While HTC will have a press event, the device reportedly won't be on display for the media just yet.

Bloomberg said the smartwatch is "based on the Qualcomm Toq" smartwach, which is already available, suggesting that it will use the same Mirasol display and software. However, A different device is also reportedly in the works, and that device has direct access to Google Now for up-to-date information on everything, such as sports scores, news, the weather, your flight information and more. It also employs an AMOLED screen instead of a Mirasol display. A third wearable "bracelet that plays music" and tracks fitness activities is also in development, Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg didn't identify which device will be on display for carriers to see, or if multiple ones will be available, but our guess is that it's the device that uses Qualcomm's technology, especially considering the chip-makers strong relationships with carriers around the world. We'll be sure to keep our eyes locked on the wrists of every HTC executive we come across, maybe we'll get a sneak peak.