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HTC is lagging behind the competition when it comes to wearable technology, but the company may catch up soon with a smartwatch of its own. A new report from Upleaks claims to reveal the details surrounding HTC's rumored wearable ahead of a possible unveiling next month.

The device, allegedly code-named Petra, won't actually run Google's Android Wear software. Instead, HTC may have developed its own operating system, possibly as part of its recent partnership with Under Armour. The company's new software should include apps for an alarm, timer, controls for your phone's music and camera, sleep tracking, weather updates and access to incoming notifications. HTC could also include a connected footpad for accurately counting your steps.

The new smartwatch will apparently offer a 1.8-inch flexible display, three days of battery life, Bluetooth, GPS and a waterproof design. Upleaks adds that it will work with both Android devices and iPhone. It's also said to come in a variety of colors and three different size options.

There's no word on a possible price, but hopefully we'll learn more soon. HTC's rumored smartwatch will reportedly launch in the first quarter of 2015, so it shouldn't be too long before the device gets an official unveiling.