HTC is slowing production of its smartphones and has reportedly shut down one of four of its manufacturing lines, according to a report from Reuters.

That could signify that HTC is seeing decreased demand for its smartphones, which is possible as the company continues to see losses as Samsung and Apple gain in smartphone market share, or that it has enough devices in inventory that it can slow down production. Reuters suggests it's the former, with a source indicating that HTC is "outsourcing production as a sales slump puts pressure on its cash flow."

HTC is continuing its push ahead with the launch of its new HTC One Max smartphone, though it received lukewarm reviews compared to its smaller brother, the HTC One. Even though that device may have been relatively successful for HTC, the company is still struggling in the low-end and mid-range smartphone markets.

HTC is far from dead, however. The company is reportedly in talks with Amazon to build three new smartphones for the online retailer, and company executives recently hinted at a future tablet and new wearable technology.