HTC Google Nexus 9-2

Last month we heard rumors that the Nexus 9 could kick-off a whole new family of HTC-branded tablets. Now it looks like HTC has confirmed those plans, though the company says it won't be releasing a cheap Android slate anytime soon.

Speaking during an earnings call last month the company's CFO revealed plans to launch new tablets in 2015, Focus Taiwan reports. The topic resurfaced this week during a Taipei press event focused on the Nexus 9 and HTC's mid-range Desire smartphone lineup.

"There is actually a bit more room for growth and product differentiation in the high-end and mid-tier tablet segments," said HTC's North Asia President Jack Tong, adding that cheaper tablets just aren't profitable enough for HTC to focus on.

The rise of super-sized smartphones like the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus also means smaller tablets no longer serve a clear purpose. We're already seeing this trend play out with Apple's focus on the iPad Air 2 this year, over the iPad mini 3, and Google's decision to release a high-end slate with the Nexus 9.

Clearly HTC is paying attention as well, and we're curious to see what the company has planned for 2015 and beyond.