HTC Broken Hearts

HTC on Friday sent out a mysterious Tweet in the spirit of Valentine's Day, accompanied by a picture of two cracked HTC One smartphones arranged like a heart. Morbid. Both of the pictured devices have cracked screens—an ugly and terrible reminder that smartphone ownership can be dangerous. No matter how careful you are, or how strong a case is, there's always the possibility of your screen cracking.

"If only broken hearts were this easy to fix," the Tweet says. It isn't entirely clear what HTC is trying to hint, though the company said more details are expected to be available on Tuesday, Feb. 18. We're expecting HTC to reveal details about its big new flagship, the M8, at Mobile World Congress later this month, but it's unlikely whatever HTC is teasing has to do with a new smartphone announcement. So what the heck can it be?

The Tweet seems to suggests that fixing a broken device will be "easy." How easy? We don't know, because HTC hasn't said, but certainly easier than a broken heart. There's nothing worse than getting a fresh new phone, only to drop it soon after. The feeling is not a good one. HTC could be acknowledging this, and thus softening the blow for those heartbroken by a damaged handset.