HTC's partnership with Under Armour hasn't really borne any fruit. The two companies promised to deliver a new family of fitness products this year, but the first wearable, the HTC GRIP, was eventually put on hold. Now the first product might be a scale. It doesn't seem as exciting on paper, but who knows, maybe it'll surprise us.

A filing with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group specifically mentions "a Bluetooth scale to measure weight and body fat" while also identifying Under Armour and HTC. The "Design Name" is currently listed as "UA Scale." We assume that name will be tweaked to something that has a bit more jazz to it before launch. There isn't any additional information, though it's clear the device will connect with smartphones and probably tablets to keep users informed of their changing weight and body fat. The Fitbit Aria and Withings wireless scales already offer similar functionality.

How will the UA Scale differ? Will it ever launch? Maybe we'll hear more in the near future.