This just in from Mike Perlman, who’s attending the HTC-Beats event in New York City: As expected (and leaked all over the place), the company has just made the much-anticipated HTC Rezound official!

The Rezound not only sports a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4G/LTE support, 1GB RAM, and 4.3-inch display — not to mention 32GB storage (16 built-in, with another 16 via microSD), 2MP front camera and 8MP rear cam with F2.2 lens and 1080p vid capture — but it will also come with Sense 3.5, as well as Beats technology on board.

This handset will represent a couple of firsts for HTC: It’s the company’s first phone with an HD 720p display (via an epic 1280×720 pixels), and it’s the first device marking HTC’s collaboration with Beats Technology. As such, there will be Beats software within, an included set of Beats earbuds, and several visual touches — including a big “b” logo emblazoned on the back of the handset, red soft buttons residing on the front, a red speaker grille and a red camera ring. And, since it’s an HTC device, it will of course be sporting that soft-touch plastic that always feels so good in the hand.

Last but not least, as many hopefuls have already anticipated, it will arrive with Android Gingerbread on board (though it will get Ice Cream Sandwich in early 2012). For more specs, hit up this link here.

The date and price? It will land on Verizon Wireless (as well as Best Buy Mobile) on November 14th for $299.99 (with two-year contract).

We’re moving to get our hands on this unit, but until then, chime in: Will the wait for Ice Cream Sandwich have you hold off on this beast, or could you see yourself taking the leap and snagging this epic phone anyway?

EDITED: To include more specs and details.