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HTC makes incredible smartphones, so it's a bit worrisome that the company's revenues are down so much year-over year. The Taiwanese firm announced on Friday that its revenues for the quarter came in at $2.4 billion with net profits at $133 million. That revenue figure is down 48% from the same time period last year, despite an influx of high-end devices including the HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE.

Samsung shipped a record number of devices during the quarter and Apple's global shipment market share increased 3%, according to a recent report from Strategy Analytics. It's no secret that the success seen by Samsung and Apple are why HTC is struggling to compete in the smartphone market. It's likely that Samsung's decision to push multiple top tier smartphones, including the Galaxy S III and the Note II, are reasons why HTC can't boost its revenue.

HTC, like many other firms, said it will continue to focus on China. It also said that, despite the poor showing this quarter, U.S. sales were on a par with the company's earlier expectations. We're expecting a busy holiday season from HTC; the company will launch its Windows Phone 8X, Windows Phone 8S, the HTC One X+ and a rumored 5-inch phablet on Verizon Wireless.

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