HTC’s Re is a lot more fun than people give it credit for. Not only is it super easy to use, but the quality of the photos and videos it produces isn’t half bad either. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the cheapest gadget around when it launched, turning a lot of people away, especially when there are competitors like GoPro.

Thanks to a new sale, however, HTC is trying to make an offer people can’t refuse.

Through May 10, users will be able to pick up the HTC Re and an accessory bundle (bar mount, clip mount and protection pack), for just $149. The regular price of the Re is $199, so this is a pretty great deal with all of the accessories included.

For $149, it could make a pretty neat gift for mom on Mother’s Day. Or, if anything, it could be a fun little camera to take on your trips across the globe.

To learn more about the Re, and see it in action, you can catch our hands-on here.