HTC has been promising a wearable for quite a long time and, today, it’s finally here. The company announced its new “re Grip” on Sunday, a wearable that falls under its new “re” brand of consumer products and one that was developed under a new partnership with Under Armour.

I had a chance to check out the re Grip and like what we see so far. It’s aimed entirely at fitness fanatics, those who HTC says are exercising and hitting the gym several times a week. It’s capable of plenty of tasks, including tracking workouts, your sleep patterns, calories burned and even the route you take during a jog thanks to built-in GPS. There are also some smartwatch-type features, including alerts for third-party apps, phone calls, messages and more.

I dig the touchscreen display, a passive OLED panel that’s bright and easy to use, and found the band pretty comfortable if not just a hair bulky on my wrist. HTC says it was built to resist sweat and a light rain or exposure in the shower, though it’s not built for swimming. That seems weird to me given the target segment, especially since a lot of folks use swimming as an exercise or as a compliment to more strenuous workouts, like training for a marathon. Maybe we’ll see a future model with better waterproofing.

One aspect that worries me about the Grip is its battery life. HTC only promises 5 hours with the GPS on and just 2.5 days with it off. That means you’ll always need to be worried about charging it. In my own experience, I usually ditch a wearable that requires a charge more than once every 5 days or so.

I’ll save all of my final reservations for I have a chance to review the re Grip, but so far I like the display and the form, even if I’m not HTC’s target audience.