Seems that HTC's forthcoming LTE 10-incher has peeped out in the public eye: What looks like leaked shots of the Puccini tablet has been spotted on the webs, courtesy of PocketNow. Unfortunately, judging by the images, it looks like AT&T went whole hog with the bloatware on the Android Honeycomb device, which is saddled with AT&T's Code, Family, MyText and Navigation apps in addition to Amazon Kindle, Cordy, Let's Golf 2 and NFS Shift.

At least bean-counters and numbers-crunchers will get some mobile joy from a new number pad gracing the onscreen keyboard. Speaking of inputs, the expected paired stylus also gets some screen attention too, with a pen icon sitting in the lower tray. (For Scribe?) Well, why not? There's certainly room, if the display's expected 1280 x 800 size pans out.

What do you think? So far does the Puccini really sing? Or is the bloat too much to bear?

For more pics, hit up the source link.

[via PocketNow]