HTC announced its second quarter earnings today in Taiwan, and despite posting a profit, the outlook for the company is seemingly very bleak. The launch of the HTC One handset brought the company back to profitability after a disastrous previous quarter posting a profit of T$1.25 billion (Approx. $41.63 million USD). The number fell short of analyst predictions and represented an 83 percent decline from the same quarter last year.

While a company being profitable is always a good thing, many analysts are fearful of the next quarter as the HTC One will no longer be the newest handset on the market, and Apple is expected to launch a new version of the iPhone sometime within the quarter. Additionally, checks of the supply chain indicate that HTC has cut orders for components indicating that the company is not only worried about the next three months, but that it may not have many new products in the pipeline. We’ve been hearing rumors of an Mini and Max variations of the HTC One, so we’re not sure how accurate those predictions may be.

The news that HTC sales aren’t meeting expectations, when coupled with some recent departures by top executives, definitely leads one to ponder what the eventual fate of the Taiwan-based company will be. It is clear, however, that the company still has fight in it as it has inked a promotional deal with Robert Downey Jr. for $12 million over two years. Only time will tell is bringing in a member of The Avengers will be enough to lure customers over to its products.