Jason Mackenzie - AT&T HTC One X

During an insider-only event on Thursday, HTC’s President for Global Sales and Marketing Jason Mackenzie discussed exactly how the phone manufacturer wants consumers to view its products. “We want the best user experience,” Mackenzie told industry insiders. “We’re going to do whatever is necessary to get the best user experience possible.” We’ve already seen HTC’s efforts come to fruition. Its Sense 4 user interface on Android 4.0 devices such as the HTC One S and One X is among the best manufacturer-made interfaces available on the market today. It offers ImageSense for fast photo taking — faster than any other handset on the market today — and integration with Beats Audio for optimal sound in every application.

Mackenzie’s statements echo that of the company’s design chief Daniel Hundt. “We are obsessive,” Hundt said in an interview recently while discussing his teams efforts to build the highest-quality products possible. It’s clear HTC is tackling its smartphone initiatives from both a software and hardware standpoint and we’re excited to see how the HTC One S and One X fare on T-Mobile and AT&T, respectively.

Mackenzie is holding an AT&T HTC One X in the image above, a device that will launch on AT&T on May 9th for $199.99 with a new two-year contract. HTC will no doubt face steep competition from Apple’s upcoming iPhone as well as the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is expected to be unveiled during a press event in London on May 3rd.