Samsung's Galaxy S 4 event was… entertaining to say the least, but it was certainly awkward and cheesy at times. We think it was somewhat appropriate, however, because Samsung was able to brilliantly show how the Galaxy S 4 features can be used in real life. It just involved a lot of terrible acting.

Samsung competitor HTC was watching. So closely, in fact, that the company was handing out snacks to everyone who was standing out in line for the Galaxy S 4 event at Radio City Music hall. And now the company's U.S. president has a few comments on the whole event. "I went from laughing to actually feeling embarrassed at some of the acting," HTC U.S. president Jason MacKenzie told CNET. "Watching the presentation, it looks like they invested a lot in marketing instead of innovation."

MacKenzie isn't wrong – the phone looks super similar to the Galaxy S III and features like S Translate are already available from Google Translate. Still, there was some innovation at the event. Samsung hopes the Galaxy S 4 will help people monitor their health through external accessories, introduced a few compelling camera features and largely showed us that the market is moving toward software innovation.

HTC's One, meanwhile, offers a ton of amazing new software features, too. We think there's certainly going to be a war between the S4 and the One, and we're glad to see HTC is ready to talk a bit of smack.