HTC smartphone users didn't have a great experience with Google's Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, which many of them are still waiting for. But the Taiwanese may be a little quicker at releasing Jelly Bean. According to Australian carrier Telstra, it is already "preparing" the Android 4.1 updates for the One XL and the One S.

Telstra has published a smartphone software update guide on its website, and three of the devices listed will be receiving a Jelly Bean upgrade — according to the carrier. One of those is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which we already know is the first smartphone to get it, while the other two are the One XL (the international version of the One X) and the One S.

Status updates for both of these devices read:

HTC is preparing an update but is yet to confirm the date it will be submitted for Telstra testing.

The "expected delivery date" for these updates is yet to be confirmed, but hopefully HTC won't keep us waiting too long this time around.

Engadget notes, however, that we may not want to read too far into this update guide from Telstra. The carrier has a spotty track record when it comes to promises regarding Android upgrades, and often times it issues information that isn't quite correct, which later has to be clarified by manufacturers.

[via Engadget]