HTC One M8-Google Play Edition-Silver-15

HTC has had its fair share of struggles competing agains the likes of Apple and Samsung, and even other major Android makers in places like China, but it still managed to swing things around during the second quarter of this year. The company lost $62.8 million during the first quarter of this year but swung that back up to a $75.6 million profit during the second quarter. That figure is up 80 percent from the same quarter last year. The company’s Q2 profit also beat Wall Street expectations.

The Wall Street Journal said HTC’s revenue of NT$65.06 billion for the quarter “barely met” the company’s low-end guidance of NT$65 billion to NT$70 billion, however. HTC also isn’t in the clear just yet. Despite posting great figures this quarter the company will face increased competition from Apple, which is expected to introduce the iPhone 6 and its first phablet iPhone, perhaps named the iPhone Air, in September. Samsung is also consistently pushing new phones to the market and its Galaxy Note 4 phablet is expected in September. HTC will need to continue to push new products to the market in an effort to keep consumers focused on its products and not the competition.

Some firms told The Wall Street Journal that Q2 may have been a “peak quarter” for HTC. There are still rumors the company has a few tricks up its sleeves later this year. We know that it’s going to launch a wearable by the holidays, and it appears HTC is also building one of its first tablets in years. Whether or not those products are going to be enough to beat out the Q2 profit is unknown.