HTC One vs Rifle

There’s really nothing more we can say about the design of HTC’s One. Next to the iPhone 5, it’s one of the handsomest devices available, putting pretty much every other Android handset to shame. Not to mention the actual experience of using the phone is top notch, giving even big flagships such as the Galaxy S4 a run for their money.

But enough about that. Ultimately, at the end of the day, how does the HTC One hold up when blasted by a Barrett M82A1 .50 caliber sniper rifle? When beauty meets incredible power, well, power completely annihilates the poor handset. It’s fascinating, yet painful to watch. If you can’t stomach drop tests, you’ll weep at this video’s outcome.

Thanks to RatedRR, we conclusively know that, nope, an HTC One won’t stop a bullet, even if it is made out of metal. The video is short but sweet, showing agonizing slow-mo replays of the One’s execution. There’s essentially nothing left of the device after a single shot.

Cradle your HTC One, tell it everything is going to be all right, it’s safe. There, there.