HTC's One V, the entry-level One series device with a Jay Leno chin, has been spotted in both purple and black. Originally, HTC only revealed a charcoal-colored version of the device during Mobile World Congress, so we're happy to see it's adding at least one color to the lineup. The last time we saw a purple phone from HTC (the Gleam) it ended up on Verizon Wireless, so maybe we're getting a hint here.

The One V, unfortunately, wasn't on display during Mobile World Congress and so we couldn't get up close and personal with it for videos or photos. However, it offers a single-core 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, a 3.7-inch display and a 5-megapixel camera. We expect it will be priced under $100 if it ever hits store shelves in the United States.

[via Android Central]