Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One-In Hand

HTC reached out to TechnoBuffalo on Thursday morning to alert us that it's running a special promotion that allows HTC One customers to trade in old smartphones for a prepaid Visa card.

The company is offering "at least" $100 for old handsets and will pay up to $375. HTC says the trade-in device must be a "qualified" smartphone, so it can't just be an old flip phone from the late 1990s. An iPhone 5, for example, is worth between $300 and $375 while an old BlackBerry Bold or BlackBerry Curve will net you $100.

The deal is valid starting today and lasts through Sunday, May 5. It applies to HTC One devices purchased from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cincinnati Bell or from one of HTC's national retail partners.

Once you've purchased your new HTC One, simply head to, type in HTC100 as your promo code and then enter in all of the information on the device you'd like to trade in. Then mail in your smartphone with your HTC One proof of purchase by June 15. HTC says you'll then receive a prepaid Visa card in return for the device.