iFixit’s at it again! This time the crew took HTC’s new flagship and ripped open its guts. Guess what? It received a terrible repairability score. We can’t be surprised though, or fault HTC, because it sports an aluminum unibody. In other words, you’re not supposed to try to open it and you should know what “unibody” means before you try to.

The issues at hand? iFixit said it’s nearly impossible to open the One without damaging the back cover. Again, go figure, it’s a unibody phone. The battery is also stuck under the motherboard and is not replaceable and there’s a lot of copper shielding that causes issues while trying to remove parts. It’s kind of a bummer to learn that the screen can’t be replaced without removing the back cover, though, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t drop your One all over the sidewalk. iFixit praised HTC on its durable design, however.

We’re not really surprised about the low score because HTC built a super durable device, and it’s apparent the second you hold one. Hopefully the battery doesn’t start to fade a year into your contract, though.