Verizon HTC One-Lock Screen

One of 2013’s most impressive devices, the HTC One, is reportedly getting a pretty significant spec upgrade. According to Greek website, the Taiwanese company’s aluminum trophy will get an Octa-core bump, up from the current quad-core chip, and also feature 3GB of RAM. And now Android fans will have yet another reason to pay attention to HTC’s slow climb back into prominence.

There’s essentially nothing attached to the report other than the presence of the aforementioned specs, which is evidenced in a screenshot seen below. The display and resolution is still the same, suggesting HTC won’t mess around with what many people consider the Goldilocks Zone of screen size. We imagine HTC will also stick with the company’s now famous aluminum build, and likely improve on its UltraPixel camera, which was introduced inside the One earlier this year.

HTC One Upgrade leak

According to TechCommunity, the One successor will come with a few software additions, including tweaks that enhance audio and clarity during phone calls. Barring that, it doesn’t sounds like the HTC One will differ far beyond from what the current One is now; some performance enhancements with the same great build. Given how little information there is at the moment, we’re definitely treating this as a rumor. With that said, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the HTC one getting such a big spec upgrade, especially when all the pieces are already so nice.