HTC One EXIF data leak

Evidence is mounting that the next HTC flagship phone will be known simply as the HTC One.

A new image has shown up on Flickr that includes the EXIF data associated with it. While it has all of the usual information such as the aperture setting, ISO, focal length and so on, the most intriguing piece of data is the fact that the device name is listed as ‘HTC One.’ We first saw this name appear yesterday as the potential final product name for the long rumored HTC M7, and then it shows up again shortly after in another location.

While it’s true that EXIF data can be edited, the fact that the image appears to be a print out of some sort of quality assurance test for the device adds at least an air of some credibility.

HTC has a press event scheduled for Feb. 19 in New York, and we’ll be there to bring you all of the coverage of what is being revealed. For now, it appears to be a new device with the name of HTC One.

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