HTC One leak - featured

The identity of HTC's upcoming M7 was recently called out, with one reliable source claiming the device would actually be called HTC One when it launches. We still don't know if that will be the case, even though EXIF data of a flickr photo backs this claim up. However, additional evidence has been dug up regarding the One name—this time from HTC itself—further confirming the possible moniker.

In a User Agent Profile for HTC's model PN071, there's a clear indication of the One name, along with the very telling 1080p screen resolution that's been rumored. But we're still not sure how to interpret everything since the leaked picture from earlier today doesn't look like the parts we've seen leaked on video. So the M7 could actually be the HTC One, or it could be something entirely different.

HTC has set aside Feb. 19 to tell us at a big unveiling, and TechnoBuffalo will be there. Will HTC have two separate new 1080p phones, similar to that of the Butterfly/Droid DNA? Very possibly.