The “metallic blue” version of HTC’s One will be available through Best Buy on Sept. 15. Following endless leaks and rumors around the new color’s arrival, we finally have a definitive answer. It sure looks nice, like a fresh paint job added to a premium supercar; it’ll certainly stand out against the HTC One’s typical silver and black finishes.

As one of the more coveted devices in 2013, the HTC One has ridden a wave of success months after its official launch. And despite devices from Samsung, Motorola and LG tipping the “newness” scale, the HTC One is always a solid device to consider. This isn’t in any way an effort to entice current customers to switch over to blue, but it gives consumers more options during the busy holiday season.

When the new color, which is a Best Buy exclusive, does become available on Sept. 15, it’ll be offered through AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.