HTC One Max invite

HTC has sent invites out to various locations in Asia for Oct. 16 and 18 that seem to remove any mystery that the HTC One Max is indeed on its way.

While the HTC One Max has been showing up just about everywhere as of late, the company had still yet to announce the device. That has all changed now with a new invitation that has been sent out to some members of the media for an event scheduled to take place on Oct. 16 and 18 depending on where you are.

The translated invitation has two lines of teasing about what will be shown.

One finger opens up a big view

You are invited to immerse in the sound with us

An odd square on the back of the device has been believed to be a fingerprint reader, so the "one finger" portion of the invitation seems to imply that assumption has been correct. As for the "big view," the One Max has appeared to be a phablet in all of the pictures, especially when pictured next to the Galaxy Note 3.

According to ePrice, the global release date is set for Oct. 15, although it seems a bit odd the press announcements would come after the actual release date. Either way we should learn all about the new Android phablet at long last next week.