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Rumors of the HTC One Max seemed to have quieted down when the HTC One Mini appeared without its larger brother in tow. The two had always been put together in rumor reports, so it seemed like the One Max may not be happening at this point. Some new images have surfaced on ePrice, however, that definitely point to at least a Chinese variant of the device being real.

According to the source of the images, this variant of the HTC One Max includes a removable back cover, dual-SIM slots and SD card support. As for the other specs, it is said to be running a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 and feature a 5.9-inch screen.

There is no word yet if the HTC One Max will make it to any regions other than Asia, and it it does, the removable back would seem to be a big question mark to us as the HTC One didn’t go that route.

As the device is now showing up in pictures, expect to hear a lot more on the HTC One Max in the near future. Perhaps this will appear at IFA 2013 to show up the Samsung Galaxy Note III which is rumored to debut around then?

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