HTC One Max non-final artwork

We've already referenced the HTC One Max several times, though once upon a time it was still a rumored device under the name "T6." Now it seems the One Max name is finalized.

Evleaks said Monday that the T6 is indeed the new, larger version of the HTC One and that it will carry the name HTC One Max. That's important for a few reasons: first, while the One Max is still a rumor, Evleaks has an excellent track record on reporting, so any name tossed out as confirmed seems a bit more legitimate. Second, it could suggest that HTC has finalized its naming scheme and that the device is closer to hitting the market.

We've already seen a few images of what the HTC One Max may look like, some of them provided by Evleaks also, and it's expected to offer a faster Snapdragon 800 processor, a huge 5.9-inch screen, possibly a fingerprint reader, and some of the other features of the HTC One, including BoomSound stereo speakers and more. It's unclear when HTC will unveil the One Max, and which markets it will land in, though we hope to hear more in the coming weeks.