More leaked photos of HTC’s One Max have appeared online, via ePrice, reaffirming the device may indeed be real—and really humongous. Not only that, but the images again show that the bigger handset could sport fingerprint scanner technology just below the camera; it seems that extra security functionality will be a trending feature among new flagship devices.

The iteration you see above is allegedly a dual-SIM model headed for China, complete with removable aluminum back (for access to those dual-SIM slots) and possible microSD slot for expandable storage. The pictures also show off a set of docking pins toward the bottom right corner, though it’s unclear what kind of accessories HTC has cooking up. It doesn’t appear this model is 100 percent complete—the fingerprint scanner unit is absent, if that’s what’s really there, though the software does heavily hint that it will be a flagship feature.

We’ve seen One Max leaks in the past, so we’re not learning much of anything new, but the photos do further support what we already did know. One small thing that HTC might throw into the mix is dual-camera capture, which has been a feature found on devices such as the Galaxy S4.

We’re not expecting the One Max to launch until Oct., maybe even early Nov., so there’s still a ways to go. But given how frequently the device has popped up, it probably won’t be long until HTC officially confirms the device’s existence. The company will have to act soon, especially with a Galaxy Note III announcement on the horizon.