The HTC One Max is a device we’re very familiar with. Having reviewed the behemoth last month, it’s quickly become ingrained in the phablet ethos, sporting a huge 5.9-inch display inside of a beautiful aluminum body. While it’s a little unwieldy at times, it does cater well to the big phone crowd, offering a Full HD screen, fingerprint reader and some new additions to Sense 5.5. It’s essentially like the HTC One after hitting a growth spurt.

The version we’re unboxing is for Sprint, and while it doesn’t offer all that much compared to the one we reviewed in October, we thought it might be prudent to show you what Sprint customers can expect. On the inside, the One Max sports a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chip, Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5.5, 2GB of RAM, microSD expansion and 4-Ultrapixel camera. A powerful device, to be sure, in an attractive, albeit hulking, body.

Sprint’s iteration of the One Max went on sale on Nov. 15 for $250 with a new two-year contract; or $25 in monthly payments with Sprint’s One Up pricing. For our money, Samsung’s Galaxy Note III offers more value because of its stylus, excellent camera and added software features, but the One Max is still a huge, huge force to be reckoned with.