The HTC One, or M7, will be available on Mar. 22 through AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, according to a source familiar with HTC's plans. The device will allegedly come in 32GB and 64GB iterations, and retail for $199-$299 depending on which option you choose with two-year contract.

Verizon is noticeably absent among the carrier recipients, though the company did just get the DNA, so perhaps it didn't want to have conflicting handsets there. HTC has had a modestly successful run with the One line, and it sounds like this one will be the best one yet, coming with the smallest full HD screen we've seen up until this point.

Mar. 22 is just over a month after HTC's planned Feb. 19 event. That's not a particularly long time, but the company will have to weather Mobile World Congress and whatever is announced there. All will be revealed in less than a week.