htc one m9 plus evleak

Fresh off reports that HTC had been tricking us with fake versions of its upcoming flagship phone, we may finally have a legitimate picture of the rumored HTC One M9. The latest image comes from Evleaks, a semi-retired phone leaker who clearly couldn’t resist showing off the new device.

The full image shared on Twitter shows a lineup of HTC’s past few leaked flagship phones as evidence that Evleaks is a reliable source. However, it also offers a clear look at how the company may change things up with its next major release. The One M9 and M9 Plus may share some similarities with older models, but they also appear to feature a distinct design of their own.

The most obvious difference here is the front camera, which now sits at the center of the top bezel and is expected to pack HTC’s UltraPixel technology. The larger M9 Plus also sports some sort of button or sensor at the bottom, believed to be a fingerprint reader. Finally, the smaller flagship M9 does away with that black logo bar found on the One (M8).

The overall design actually reminds us a lot of the iPhone 6, offering the same slim curved edges and even the same antenna bands near the top and bottom of the device. Of course, it’s possible this could be another HTC fake out, but considering Evleaks’ track record this may be our best look yet at the upcoming One M9 and One M9 Plus.