On the surface, HTC's One M9 might not look like much of an upgrade over last year's model, but the company's actually packed some great features into its latest flagship phone. From new hardware to refreshed software the M9 is an exciting new experience. Here's our top five reasons to love the HTC's newest flagship phone.

1. New Cameras

Our biggest problem with the HTC One (M8) was it's disappointing camera. Thankfully, the company heard us loud and clear. The One M9 boasts a powerful 20-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash. Meanwhile, last year's UltraPixel shooter has been moved to the front, where it should do just fine as a selfie-taking machine. What more could you want?

2. Expandable Storage

Samsung's Galaxy S6 might not offer expandable storage, but HTC still has your back. The One M9 offers microSD support for up to 128GB of extra storage. That should leave plenty of space to save your photos, videos and music. It also makes it easy to transfer over files from your current phone once you've picked up HTC's latest device.

3. Dolby Audio BoomSound

HTC and Beats may have parted ways, but the phone-maker has already found a solid replacement. Dolby offers some of the best audio around, powering everything from gadget speakers to movie theater sound systems. Now that same surround sound tech is coming to the One M9's BoomSound speakers, potentially offering one of the best experiences out there.

4. Sense 7

HTC's take on Android is getting an update as well with Sense 7, which offers new features, customization options and a smarter UI overall. The One M9's software lets you pick out and download tons of different themes, along with specific backgrounds and icon sets. You'll also get intelligent recommendations—like restaurant suggestions picked from Yelp—and new homescreen widgets that show your recently downloaded apps and recommended ones. Overall, It's a totally new Sense experience that still feels familiar.

5. Dual-Tone Design

The HTC One M9 may look familiar, but the company has also tweaked its design. The new flagship phone offers a two-tone design that adds a bit more flavor to its metal unibody style. If you loved the One (M8) this won't stray to far from what you're used to, though it still looks just different enough to keep things interesting.