Following major smartphone releases, a familiar dilemma always arises: should I get Phone A, which has such-and-such advantage, or should I get Phone B, which also has its own pros and cons? At this moment, consumers are likely trying to decide between HTC’s most recent superphone, the M8, and Samsung’s safe, but excellent, Galaxy S5. Companies have been churning out some incredible technology over the past several months, and that’s a big reason why we’re always so compelled to upgrade. Even if you own an S4, you probably want an S5; same goes for the HTC One. But if you’re coming in fresh, which device is the more irresistible purchase?

The thing about choosing between phones today is that they’re so good everything just seems normal. Good cameras, nice screens, great design, etc. So when you really think about it, you have to consider—corny as it sounds—how that phone makes you feel. Also important is how you’ll be using a particular handset, which you’ll at the very least use for twelve months, and at most have for two years. Do you take a lot of pictures and video? The Galaxy S5 excels in that regard. HTC, meanwhile, offers a better software experience—something that gets better each year.

In this comparison we break it down between five categories: screen, build, UI, camera and intangibles; the intangibles being the S5’s waterproof design, for example, or the HTC One (M8’s) HTC Advantage program. All of these factors add up to two of the best Android devices money can buy right now, and we should be so lucky that we’re able to own them. But if you can only buy one, which one do you get? Jon has the answer, so check out his versus video to find out which device he’d put in his pocket of he had to choose.