Today is HTC’s big day. After numerous leaks and plenty of speculation, the company has announced its biggest flagship for the year 2014, the HTC One (M8). There’s been a lot of hype building around this particular handset—mainly due to its two lens setup that promises to give users greater picture-taking flexibility. But this is more than just something you’ll be using to snap pictures with. The design has changed, the software improved, and more. HTC really impressed with the One last year, and it sure appears as though the company made all the right moves to make it even better.

For starters, HTC is making a big fuss over the M8’s design, which is now 90-percent metal, as opposed to the previous model’s 70-percent. But there isn’t just more metal; it now wraps completely around the size up to the device’s 5-inch screen. The device overall has been refined in the look department, and the biggest notable difference lies on the back, with an all new Duo camera running the show.

HTC made a big fuss about the UltraPixel last year, and it’s still present this go around. But in addition to the familiar setup, HTC has included a second lens for capturing depth information. Users, in turn, can then use an array of pre-loaded features to play with the photos after the fact, and even adjust focus once an image is taken. HTC says the feature will really come in handy for portraits.

There are a lot of other features, too, which you can get caught up on in the announcement post. All you really need to know is that the device is now 90-percent metal, runs Android 4.4 and Sense 6, and sports a Duo camera, just like the rumors said it would. We also happen to have one in the office, and we’re unboxing it for you right here. We’ll be rolling out plenty of coverage for the new HTC One (M8) over the course of the week, so stay tuned for some deeper thoughts to come.