If you're a One M8 owner who has decided not to upgrade to the One M9, you're probably wondering when your device will get HTC's latest Sense 7 software. According to the company's Twitter timeline, it will be arriving with Android 5.1 in August.

Sense 7, which made its debut on the new One M9, brings a whole host of improvements and new features — including new location-based home screen folders, and the brand new theme engine that allows you to customize the look of your device using different wallpapers, icons, sounds, and more.

It's quite an upgrade over Sense 6, then, so it's no wonder One M8 owners are keen to get their hands on it. But they're going to have to wait a few months.

In response to questions on Twitter, HTC said "the HTC One M8 will have a Software Update for Android Version 5.1 and Sense 7 in August 2015."

In the meantime, however, One M8 users can expect to get some of HTC's new software features with individual updates to its own apps, such as the Gallery, Camera, Clock, and Zoe. The company has already begun rolling some of those out via Google Play.

It's also worth remembering that some features will remain exclusive to the One M9, like the Dolby Audio enhancements, and 4K video recording, which isn't possible with the One M8's 4-megapixel camera.