HTC issued its first “Hot Deal” last week when it held a fire sale for the Nexus 9, which was sold at half price in limited quantities for a brief period of time. The phone maker has promised continued “Hot Deals” leading into the holiday season, and today’s offer is for the HTC One (M8). The 200 units of the M8 will go on sale in 15 minutes for just $299 unlocked and free from any carrier contract, though customers can choose a specific carrier variant if they want to.

The sale knocks the price of the One (M8) down by about $350, taking into consideration its standard unsubsidized price, and that’s probably going to attract a big crowd. If you’re at all interested, get your browsers ready now, since we know the Nexus 9 stock depleted pretty quickly last week. Don’t fret if you miss that initial window, however, because HTC has an additional 300 units that it will sell for $499, which is still a decent enough savings. If stock lasts long enough, the savings will end at 9:00 p.m. Pacific time.

The One (M8) remains one of our favorite Android smartphones to date, mainly because we love the nearly all-aluminum body, front-facing speakers, and HTC Sense 6. Hit the source to prepare for the deal now.