All this time we've been calling HTC's next big flagship the M7, but turns out the device will simply be known as HTC One. Sounds strong, fast, best. According to well-known industry oracle Evleaks, the handset, which we've seen time and time again over the past several weeks, will come to market with the HTC One moniker. It kind of brings everything full circle to the One X without that unnecessary consonant.

Evleaks doesn't divulge any further than to reveal the device's name, so it's unclear if what we've heard about the One's specs is true. There are definitely some naming connotations HTC is playing up. HTC One. The One. 

HTC has an event planned for Feb. 19, before Mobile World Congress kicks off later this month, so we'll see what's announced. You have to hand it to HTC; even if the name isn't all that imaginative, it'll really roll off the tongue if Evleaks is right. Did you hear about the One? I like it.