HTC’s Turkey branch just released a video to YouTube that again teases its upcoming flagship, the presumed HTC One M10.

It’s not the first teaser, but it continues to tell a story that HTC’s trying to push: that it’s trying to build the best possible smartphone that it can. It’s a message HTC needs to send, too, especially after last year’s HTC One M9, which was largely viewed as a dud compared to competitors like the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

“What are we up to?” the video teases. “We’re in our lab, on our grind, working non-stop. Not because we have to. Because we want to. We’re still up when we should be sleeping. Still finding ways to make your phone even better. That’s how much we love this stuff. We admit it, we’re obsessed, but in a good way. You’ll see.”

The ad closes with the hashtag #powerof10 and a final message: “Find out what we’re obsessed about.” When? We don’t know yet, but we hope sometime this spring.