HTC One leak

A newly leaked render shows off what appears to be the HTC One and what we can expect from the HTC Sense 5 skin.

Evleaks, a source with an excellent track record, has posted a picture of what appears to be the HTC One to Twitter. Known under the code name of M7, a report last week revealed that the device will probably hit the market under the name HTC One. This information was backed up over the weekend by the EXIF data of a photo posted to Flickr.

Also of note in this supposed render is the entirely new look to the HTC Sense 5 skin that will be placed over Android. From this brief look, it appears that the new skin will have a heavy emphasis on social networking updates, but as this is the only image to appear thus far there is no telling what other tricks it may have up its sleeve.

HTC is holding a press event on Feb. 19 – which we will be attending – where it is expected to unveil the HTC One, so we don’t have too long to go before we know if this is correct or not. Considering the track record of Evleaks, however, we feel pretyt confident that this is indeed what we will be seeing next week.