HTC One Review - Back - Phone in Hand

Profit-wise, HTC isn't performing up to the immense standards expected of a company with the DROID DNA and HTC One X/OneX+ in its portfolio. Frankly, the company has been unable to keep balance for quite some time now. But, with the HTC One—easily the company's best device yet—ready to hit the U.S. market on April 19, that might change in a big way.

In addition to hitting AT&T and Sprint next Friday, HTC's One will also hit T-Mobile on April 19, completing a trifecta of carriers and exposing a pretty large consumer base to a very fantastic handset. Of course, the device will still do battle with the Galaxy S4 and upcoming iPhone 5S, so merely pleasing us critics doesn't automatically translate into big sales.

HTC will push the One very hard over the next several months with a big new marketing campaign, giving it the best possible chance to succeed. We're big supporters here of the One, and we think consumers here in the U.S. will be, too. Side note: Best Buy's site says $249 (or $699.99 without a contract) but T-Mobile has also confirmed it will sell the device on its new "Uncarrier" plans for $99.