ATT HTC One-Apps

Rumors that a vanilla Android version of the HTC One will be announced very soon keep popping up online, despite a public statement from the Taiwanese company that it has no intention of releasing a “Nexus Edition” of its new handset.

The latest report on the HTC One Google edition comes from MoDaCo, which is claiming that the official announcement will come next week according to “multiple reliable sources.” AndroidCentral said it, too, confirmed the reports with its own sources. HTC appears to have finally given in following the positive reception to the Galaxy S4 Google edition, possibly accepting that Sense may not be the best Android experience for developers.

Although HTC One sales are finally picking up, the troubled company can’t really say no to the prospect of selling more units by offering a Senseless version of the handset. It’s also possible that HTC fans will try the Google edition and find that they prefer Sense and the exclusive apps it comes with, including the special camera, Zoe, Highlights and BlinkFeed features, among others.

The biggest advantage to a Google edition smartphone, on the other hand, is instant access to the latest Android updates, which often take months to land on other smartphones.