HTC One Review - Bottom - Cal Quality

An HTC One Google Edition will reportedly be a hard item to come by when it officially launches, possibly in June. According to sources, the stock device will run in a limited edition capacity, though it's unclear how many units are expected to be available. To give you an idea, though, the source claims HTC will only launch 1 percent of total sales up to this point. If reception is good, the Taiwanese company could reconsider its stance on building so few vanilla HTC Ones.

Following Google's announcement that a stock Samsung Galaxy S4 would be offered this June, rumors have consistently surrounded HTC doing the same with its One. We're still awaiting official word, but it seems increasingly likely a Google Edition is imminent. Along with a possible stock HTC One, the company also seems intent on releasing a version for Verizon, even after saying that wasn't on the agenda.

HTC clearly put a lot of effort and time into the One, and it appears the company is unsure about how to maintain the device's current success. Is a Verizon move happening? Will there only be a few Google Editions to go around? Hopefully we'll find out answers to those questions soon. The main thing is that HTC is making its device more accessible, which will only further its mindshare among competitors such as the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5.