HTC One Google Play Edition-Camera

Maybe it's the strange summer air, but there have suddenly been a number of great deals this week, and this one rounds everything out quite nicely. Amazon is currently offering the 32GB HTC One for just $49.99 through AT&T with two-year contract. You only need half a Benjamin—maybe mow four or five lawns—to get what is largely considered 2013's best smartphone so far. For the price of a tank of gas, or an expensive date, or a video game, you can get the device everyone is talking about.

Visiting AT&T's website right now, the carrier is asking for $199 on two-year contract, so there is an obvious price disparity. If you currently have an account with the carrier and want to upgrade to the One, the price will go up slightly to $99, but that's still cheaper than going through AT&T. It's unclear how long Amazon's deal will last, so you better take advantage soon if you were thinking about picking up this great device.

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