HTC One Double Dip

Going for the customization tactic that some of its competitors have been leaning towards, HTC launched an official case for the HTC One called the Double Dip. These cases were originally only available to HTC Elevate customers, but now anyone can snag one up for $29.99 from HTC's official website.

The HTC One Double Dip case has three sections, and each of them can be assigned a specific color. The top, middle, and bottom can all be painted gray, yellow, cyan, red, navy blue, or light blue, and nobody says you have to be symmetric either. Each section can be totally different to give your phone a little imbalance, or your two favorite colors can be arranged to make it so it doesn't clash.

That's the beauty of customization. It's always your choice. Head on over to the HTC official website to give it a whirl for yourself.