The HTC One offers many "firsts" for HTC, including a four "ultrapixel" camera, Sense 5 and BlinkFeed. Obviously the company wouldn't spend time and money developing the technology for a single product, and an executive recently confirmed that it's possible (anything is possible, really) that the new camera features and home screen could, if HTC decided to, filter down to other phones.

"A lot depends on what you define low-end, really," HTC's head of U.K. and Ireland Phil Roberson said when asked if we'll see BlinkFeed and an Ultrapixel camera on low-end devices. "If you look at what we did on the One V, that had the same image chip as we had on the One X. There is definitely the potential to take it into those spaces." HTC already confirmed that Sense 5 will be available for the One X, One X+ and the Butterfly (DROID DNA).

We imagine HTC will announce several devices this year, as it always does, including some in the entry-level. We wouldn't be surprised to see the One features pop up in a few of them.