htc nexus design render

We already know what kind of hardware to expect from HTC’s rumored Nexus smartphones thanks to a steady stream of leaks. Now Android Police is back with our first peek at the upcoming devices, and they look pretty sweet.

The image above reportedly depicts both Nexus handsets. HTC’s Sailfish and Marlin are expected to come in different sizes (with a few hardware differences), but the basic design may be identical. It’s worth noting that this isn’t an official render either. It was created by Android Police based on information from a trusted source, but it’s possible a few tiny details could be off.

The front panel is a pretty standard slab, while the back features some interesting design choices. It looks like HTC will offer a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, which seems to be Google’s preference. The rear camera is totally flush with the device, and the back edges taper off with a slight curve.

The back panel also includes a unique two-tone style. The bulk of the design is a metal slab, but there’s also a smaller rectangle of glossy plastic (or maybe glass) where the rear camera, fingerprint scanner and other sensors are all located. It looks a bit like the Nexus 6P’s camera window but stretched out to take up more space.

Beyond this sleek all-black design, HTC’s new Nexus phones could come in two other color options. There’s a standard aluminum look with white bezels in front, which Google is expected to promote heavily. The company could also offer an “electric blue” variant with a white front panel, but that’s apparently still up in the air.

Android Police also notes a few small issues with its render. That “G” logo in back could be replaced by the traditional Nexus branding, and it’s unclear if HTC’s logo will appear on the device. The software navigation buttons may change to match the new version buttons that leaked last month, too. Still, for the most part, this leak should be pretty accurate, and the site gives it a confidence rating of 8 out of 10.

We still don’t know when Google will unveil its new Nexus smartphones or how much the devices will cost. But with Android Nougat set to launch sometime this summer, it probably won’t be long before they’re official.