3D HTC Sprint EVO 4G LTE

HTC and Sprint unveiled the EVO 4G LTE during a press event last night — Sprint’s latest flagship phone and one of the first that will run on its brand new 4G LTE network. However, during a demo reel during the event, Sprint and HTC may have accidentally shown a new phone that’s in the works. In the above image, one can clearly see the EVO 4G LTE industrial design, but unlike that phone, there are two different cameras.

Every current 3D devices on the market have two cameras — it’s a requirement to take two images and then blend them together to create the 3D-image effect. This isn’t even a Photoshopped image; it actually appeared in the design demo real that was presented during the press conference. The watchful eyes at The Verge, however, caught it.

If we had to place our bets on this we’d say yes, Sprint and HTC are likely planning a new 3D-enabled EVO device. We expect it will offer 4G LTE speeds since Sprint is ditching its 4G WiMAX network and would never associate its high-end EVO brand with a slower 3G network. It just remains a question of when, or if, the device will ever hit store shelves. What do you think?

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