We can look at blurry pictures of new flagships all day long, but none of them provide the kind of justice a new high-end smartphone deserves. That’s why we’re excited by the latest leak, which appears to show HTC’s new flagship clear as day. Nexus-Lab provided today’s leak and everything is on a par with earlier leaked photos of the device, lending a bit more legitimacy to today’s image.


On the front of the phone, we can see that the Android controls are on screen, just above the HTC logo. We see that the BoomSound speakers are still in place, which is great news for fans who appreciated that feature on the HTC One. Also, while PhoneArena suggests the small area next to the front-facing feature is a notification LED, it looks more like the light sensors have just been moved from the upper left-side of the phone, where they were positioned on the HTC One. If there is an LED light, our best guess is that it’s still hiding inside the top speaker grill.

Of course, the most noteworthy change on the M8 is what still appears to be a dual-camera setup on the back of the device. Toshiba recently released a similar module that provides two camera lenses, and it could potentially allow you to snap pictures and then adjust the focus after the image was taken. One of the modules may measure depth, while the second, presumably a new Ultrapixel lens, captures the actual photo. Under the hood, we’re also expecting a new Sense UI and Android 4.4 KitKat, though this image doesn’t provide a closer look.

Next to the cameras, we see a new dual-LED flash setup, which should improve the performance over the single LED on the HTC One. If you look close, the dual-LED also appears to offer two different colors, which is similar to what Apple did on the iPhone 5s to create more natural looking skin tones when flash is used.

We aren’t expecting the HTC M8 to break cover during Mobile World Congress, and think HTC may opt for its own standalone event later in February or in early April is more likely. That would mean the HTC M8 will make its debut later in the spring.

Update: Sadly, this appears to be a render from a member on the XDA Developer forums that was based on leaked image. That doesn’t mean we won’t see something that looks super similar to this in the near future. We still think it gives us the best idea of what to expect, given it’s based on leaked photos, but this isn’t something created by HTC.